Born in 1947 Mortsel Belgium.


- Royal Academy of Antwerp:

  painting with oil and acryl on canvas

  ceramics in terracotta

- Royal Academy of Mortsel: 


- Royal Academy of Wilrijk:      

 digital graphics

- Teachers' College Antwerp:  

  teaching profession



1965 - 1975: creation of tapestries in lambswool treated with pure pigments

1970 - 1979: designing objects for theatre; including masks and moving dolls

1976 :           manually constructing educational, creative toys

1980 -1995:   teaching tridimentional design, greasepaint, stage make-up and body-art

1985:             first price for hig- minded creativity in the international contest  of body-art                     


1996 - up till now: 

                     painting with oil and acryl on canvas, etching, wood engraving, various

                     techniques of sculpture, illustrations of books, digital graphics

2001:            assingment  to design and create12 'CSH Awards'

                     (Computers at School and  at Home), 12 terracottas sculptures with metal on 

                     a pedestral in blue stone (size 25 X 7 X 7 cm)

2003:            assigment to design and create 12' CSH Awards' 

                     12 terracotta sculptures with metal on a pedestral in blue stone

                      (size 30 x 8 x8 cm)

2003:             artist in residence at the Fran Masereel Centre in Kasterlee 

                      (the national centre for graphical art in Belgium) to realize screen prints

2004:             assignment to design and create 2 sculptures with light for

                      'Article 27' an international exhibition at Heusden - Zolder (Belgium)

2005:            assignment to design and create 15 'CSH Awards' 

                      (computer at School and at Home)

 2006:            artist in residence at Schloss Haldenstein (Switzerland) for the project 

                      'Highland - Lowland,  a cooperation with Swiss and Flemisch  graphic artists and poets

2006:             artist in residence at Château Les Beaux Arts in Ronzon (Belgium)

                      for the preparation of the graphical art book with the same name

2007:             assignment to design en create 12 'CSH Awards' 

                      12 terracotta sculptures with metal on a pedestral in blue stone ( size 30 x 8 x 8 cm)

2007:             presentation of the graphical art book ' Château Les Beaux Arts'

                      with poems from Tony Rombouts, at gallery 'De Zwarte Panter' in Antwerp (Belgium)

2008:             presentation of the bibliophilic art box ' Highland - Lowland',

                      with an exhibition, in the Landesbibliothek of Lichtenstein in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) 

2013:             presentation of the bibliophilic art case 'Hidden Words' ,

                      with poems  from Tony Rombouts, in' Fakkelteater'  Antwerp (Belgium)

2015:             presentation of 'Polychrome Words - Verbal Colours',

                      a painted wooden art box with screen prints in concertina folds and 

                      handwritten poems from Tony Rombouts, in Gallery 't Gasthuis, Wijnegem



Personal Exhibitions


2001: paintings and sculptures in terracotta, Gallery Renault, Antwerp (Belgium)

2003: graphics in the 'Zwarte Zaal' of Fakkelteater' Antwerp (Belgium)

2004: paintings, graphics and installations, Gallery 'Lakenhalle' Herentals (Belgium)

2007: graphics in the exhibition space of the library in Aartselaar (Belgium)

2013: 'Sparkling Light', monochromical graphics in the 'Zwarte Zaal of ' Fakkelteater', Antwerp (Belgium)

2014: paintings and graphics, Gallery 't Kallement, Wommelgem (Belgium)

2015: paintings and graphics, Gallery 't Forum, Edegem (Belgium)

2015: Paintings and graphics, Gallery 't Gasthuis, Wijnegem  (Belgium)



Group Exhibitions


1996: sculptures, Gallery 'Klank & Beeld, Leuven (Belgium)  

1997: sculptures, Gallery De Groote Beer, Antwerp (Belgium)

1998: an installation created for A(RT)SSENEDE '98 te Assenede (Belgium)

2001: an installation created for A(RT)SSENEDE '2001 te Assenede (Belgium)

2004: an installation created for 'Kasterleest' te Katerlee (Belgium)

2004: two sculptures with light for the project 'Article 27' Gallery Domburg Castle, Heusden- Zolder (Belgium)

2005: 'Figure and Word in Unity', cooperation with 4 visual artist and 4 poets at

          Atelier 't Blauwhof, Kessel (Belgium)

 2005: installation 'The secret wardrobe of graphics and poetry' for the project         

           'Artcle 27', Domburg Castle, Heusden - Zolder (Belgium)              

2006: graphics, Gallery SD Works, Antwerp (Belgium)

2007: graphics, Atelier 't Blauwhof, Kessel (Belgium)

2008: graphics, Landesbibliothek, Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

2008: graphics, Cortewalle Castle, Beveren-Waas (Belgium)

2009: graphics, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp (Belgium)

2009: graphics, exhibition space, library Kris Lambert, Ostend (Belgium)

2009: Roses and Lyrics', graphics, Shloss Haldenstein, Haldenstein (Switserland)

2010: graphics, Campus Groenenborger, University of Antwerp, Antwerp (Belgium)

2010: graphics, Atelier 't Blauwhof, Kessel (Belgium)

2010: graphics, central library Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

2010: graphics, Cortewalle Castle, Beveren-Waas (Belgium)

2011: graphics, Biblioteca Wittockiana, Brussels (Belgium)

2011: graphics, city library of Fribourg, Fribourg (Switzerland)

2013: paintings, graphics and terracottas, open-air exhibition Armand Preud'hommeplein, Edegem (Belgium)

2015: paintings, graphics, open-air exhibition Armand Preud'hommeplein, Edegem (Belgium)



- 'The astrological kitchen of poetry' drawnings with poems from Tony Rombouts,

   Publishing House Berghmans, Antwerp, October 2000, second print 2000

- 'A hand full of drops', woodcuts with poems from Tony Rombouts, Publishing House: Contramine, Antwerp, 2004 

- The secret Wardrobe of 'Graphics and Poetry', images in colour of a collection of fashion

   designs with poems of Tony Rombouts, Publishing House Contramine ,2004 Antwerp

- 'Château Les Beaux Arts', graphics with poems from Tony Rombouts, bibliophilic file, Publishing House Contramine,

  october 2007, book publication, Publishing House Berghmans, Antwerp oktober 2007, second print december 2007

- 'Highland - Lowland', graphics in cooperation with Flemish and Suisse graphics artists

  and poets, bibliophilic artbox, Publishing House LiterGra, Antwerp 2008, book

  publication, Publishing House P, Leuven, 2008

- 'Hidden Words', monochromical graphics in a bibliophilic art case with poems from Tony  Rombouts

  Publishing House LiterGra, Antwerp 2013

- 'Polychromic Words - Verbal Colours', a painted wooden art box with screenprints in

  concertina folds with handwritten poems from  Tony Rombouts, Publishing House Contramine, Antwerp 2015



Works from Niki Faes in  public collections


- Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee (Belgium)

- Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Belgium)

- Royal Library Albertina, Brussels (Belgium)

- Museum Plantin-Moretus, print collection, Antwerp (Belgium)

- Heritage Lbrary Hendrik Conscience, Antwerp (Belgium)

- Schloss Haldenstein, Haldenstein (Switzerland)

- Landesbibliotek, Vaduz (Liechtenstein)